Her Haven

19 Apr 2013, Posted by msamuelsca in Uncategorized

Welcome to Her Haven!

We are a community of designers, artists, students, tradespeople, and volunteers who are united in our mission to help women by doing what we love:  designing spaces that bring peace, inspiration, hope and healing.

There are so many women who touch our lives every day: Maybe it is a woman who works tirelessly to support a family member with special needs or a life-threatening illness; perhaps it is one who advocates for the betterment of her community, has battled challenging health issues, has served in the military, teaches and inspires, struggles to provide a better life for her family, or has suffered some type of trauma and is in need of healing in her home and in her life. Perhaps it is an organization that serves women, providing shelter, teaching literacy, protecting and promoting. There are many ways these women and organizations stand out, and we want to honor and recognize them for all that they do.

Why design?  More than beautiful surroundings, the hottest trends, or simply joining form and function, we believe:

Design can provide PEACE and COMFORT,

Design has the power to HEAL and RESTORE,

Design can deliver INSPIRATION and HOPE, and


via Her Haven.

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