FREE Online Arts Course!


Endorsed by Dr. Jean Watson, Watson Caring Science Institute


Dr. Jean Watson

Dr. Jean Watson


For many years Mary Rockwood Lane and Michael Samuels, M.D. have taught art and healing courses at undergraduate and graduate level. For years they have watched as their students undergo major life transformations and healing as they heal themselves from sexual abuse, unresolved grieving, illnesses as well as heal family members, relationships, community and the earth.

This course will now be delivered as a free online 6-week program — offered by Mary Rockwood Lane via the University of Florida.

This is new concept in education. By making art, a caring, loving community is formed and students can share and heal deeply personal and deeply important things that may have never been addressed in their lives. It is such a new experience; online education without judgment, in a loving, caring, sacred space. It is a new kind of university online distance education, using art (visual arts, music, dance and word) to heal yourself, others, community and the earth.

The 6-week online program will use teachings, guided imagery exercises and art projects to help you heal whatever needs to be healed in your life. With art, you can heal your darkness or the darkness of our world.

Everyone can use this program: to heal yourself, to use with an artist-healer in a program, or as part of art therapy with a trained art therapist. If you already consider yourself an artist or healer, we’ll show you how to go deeper into your creativity or healing with personal introspection on emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels with a mind to show you how the two worlds are naturally linked and how the artist can be the voice and hands of the healer within.

Activating the Artist and Healer Within

  • Create an art-healing sacred time-space
  • Assemble your Medicine Art kit
  • Meet your inner Artist
  • Let go of your inner Critic
  • Draw from your guided imagery and journal about it
  • Complete your first Medicine Art project based on the guided imagery and journal entry

Merging Your Inner Artist and Healer

  • Do the guided imagery for making your inner artist and inner healer one
  • Draw from your guided imagery, letting your physiology be changed by the images that come to you and using your art as an outlet for these feelings
  • Work with someone who has an illness, a loved one or person in hospital program, for example

The Spirit in Art Healing

  • Write your spiritual history in your journal
  • Embrace your healing muse and spirit guide with guided imagery
  • Do the extra guided imagery to meet your spirit animal
  • Draw or make art about your new spirit guide(s), spirit animals
  • Try creating your own spirit wheel
  • Begin or do a daily spiritual practice

Finding Out What Needs to Be Healed

  • Do the guided imagery to find out what needs to be healed
  • Draw, paint, dance from the guided imagery
  • Do the journal exercise to see what needs to be healed
  • Do the journal exercise to begin to think about your Final Medicine Art Project

Healing with the Visual Arts

  • Do the guided imagery to find your inner visual artist
  • Draw from your guided imagery of being a visual artist
  • If you want to work with visual arts, make a sketch book, sculpture, tote bag, or some other work of visual art
  • You can also reproduce the divine Hildegard Bingham image as or make a plaster mask with a friend and paint it
  • You can also work with another person with visual arts, give them supplies and see them as beautiful

Healing with Words

  • Write a poem for about a half an hour, or more and read it aloud to yourself or others
  • You can also do guided imagery for finding a drama in your life
  • Do an improvisational drama for yourself or others
  • You can also restory something in your life and write about it in your journal

Healing with Music

  • Do the guided imagery for the sounds of nature
  • Make a music album for you to use to heal, you can make a cd, mp3 ITunes file, Spotify album, any way that you listen to music in your life. Make a music album for you to use to heal (in hospital, to relax, etc.)
  • Play an instrument, as complicated as a piano or as simple as a child’s xylophone
  • Chant, tone or use a Tibetan bowl to change your physiology to heal
  • Do guided imagery while you listen to drumming CD or Tibetan bowl CD
  • Write music, compose music and sing or play it, how have someone do it for you

Healing with Dance and Movement

  • Do the guided imagery to see yourself as a dancer
  • Dance a spirit animal or tree
  • You can also dance with another person blindfolded
  • You can also dance a story of your own or another person’s illness to heal

Finding your Essence

  • Do the guided imagery for finding your essence
  • In your journal draw your essence, your obstacles and what you need to heal to live your essence
  • Write about this experience in your journal

Experiencing Sacred Sexuality

  • Do the guided imagery to experience sacred sexuality
  • Draw, write, dance, etc. from this guided imagery
  • You can also write love poems to your beloved, erotic love poems to enhance your sacred sexuality
  • If it is applicable to you, you can also do the guided imagery to heal from sexual trauma
  • You can also draw or journal from your guided imagery about trauma and healing

Art, Healing and the End of Life

  • Do the guided imagery about dealing with death
  • Draw from your guided imagery about death
  • You can also journal about your thoughts about death
  • You can also work with someone who is dying or at end of life with art

Final Project and Transcendence Ceremony

  • Experience transcendence and guided imagery
  • Complete your Final Medicine Art Project and share it with someone
  • Make art the change your environment and the earth
  • Make a ceremony to see yourself as an artist/healer