When you put art and healing together, you get a new way of healing.


In our imagination, we release the dark thoughts of illness and we glimpse images of light that bring us hope. We take these images outward and make art. The creative process effects our immune system, our blood flow, our attitude and helps us heal. Art and healing adds a new dimension to allopathic medicine, to drugs and surgery; it adds creativity, spiritualty, love and soul.

We are offering a 6 week online program to help your inner artist join with your inner healer to change your body’s physiology and optimize healing. The program comes from our work in arts in medicine programs in hospitals and our years teaching art and healing in university courses.

By releasing tension and fear, by opening the mind to passionate creativity and the forces that made us, the inner artist and the inner healer release the immense power of love to heal. The inner artist and inner healer as one, is an exquisite balance of energetic wholeness. Art as a healing force is a journey which will heal yourself, others, the community and the earth. Art and healing is the oldest healing known and is now recognized as the most advanced by health futurists. Leland Kaiser, health futurist at the University of Colorado, says that the future of healthcare is a convergence of art, spirituality, and healing.

Prayer, art and healing, all come from the same source, the human soul.

Healing with the Arts will free your inner healer by embracing the passionate, creative, artist in each one of us. Art and healing is about healing yourself, others or the earth by tapping into the creative energy that makes us and keeps us alive.

The basic premise of Healing with the Arts is very simple. Each of us has deep within us an inner artist and an inner healer. The inner artist is the part of us that is passionately creative, that is in love, that feels connected to everything around us, that can see, that knows who we are, that is at home, and that is at peace. The inner healer is the part of us that balances our body perfectly and controls our blood flow, and immune system. The inner healer keeps you alive and growing and more importantly, if you are ill, heals you. It is the part of you that regulates the self healing mechanisms that cure infection, cancer and all illnesses.

Healing with the Arts gives each person the ability to heal with art.

Each person is empowered to heal – themselves, others, community and the earth with visual arts, word, music, dance, ceremony and even huge events.  This is wonderful!  It’s time to make art and healing one on earth again as an individual and social force for healing and change.  We see Healing with the Arts as a catalyst for personal and cultural change.

Use the blog as a course in art and healing.  Our blog shows you what people are doing all over the earth to heal with art.  If you go to our blog, and use the search function you can find out what is happening around the subject you are interested in.  For example, if you want to know how art is used with cancer patients, type “cancer” in the search line of the blog and you will see entries about art and healing and cancer care.

Healing with the Arts will give each person the ability to use art to heal.