The authors of Healing With the Arts each have extensive personal and professional experiences with creativity, spirituality  and healing.

Michael Samuels, M.D.

Michael has used art, guided imagery and spiritual visions with patients with life threatening illness for over twenty-five years in private practice and in consultation. He has watched as his patients have drawn, played music, written and visioned themselves well.

He has been on the advisory boards of Commonweal, for their Cancer Retreats, and Tamalpa Institute, an organization that uses dance for healing.

He also experienced the power of art, spirituality and healing personally as he wrote a journal and a novel while his wife lived and then died with breast cancer. He found that his writing was the major healing intervention he did during that difficult period. It kept him positive, connected him to spirit and helped him love her in the most stressful time.

He is also the founder and director of Art as a Healing Force, a project started in 1990 devoted to networking artists, healers and programs world wide. He teaches Art and Healing at San Francisco State University, Institute of Holistic Studies. He lectures and does workshops nationwide for physicians, nurses, artists, and patients on how to use creativity and spirituality in healing.

He has organized many nationwide conferences on art and healing and visits and participates in projects in hospitals where art and music are used with patients. He networks people in the field together and is a recognized leader in art and healing.

He is a marble carver and photographer and a bear dance with Native American peoples to heal.

He is the author of twenty-two books including the best selling Well Body BookWell Baby BookWell Pregnancy Book, and Seeing With the Mind’s Eye. Each of these books has sold over 300,000 copies. He is co-author with Mary Rockwood Lane of Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, Path of the Feather and Shaman Wisdom, Shaman Healing.

He lives in Tinos, Greece and Bolinas, California and has two grown sons and five grand daughters.

Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N., PhD., FAAN, Associate Professor

Mary is a professor, painter and a nurse. She experienced art, spirituality and healing first hand as she painted herself out of a severe depression. From what she learned in that experience, she became the co-founder and co-director of the Arts In Medicine process at University of Florida, Gainesville and founded their artist in residence process. She led and developed that process for over ten years.

She is currently Associate Professor of Nursing at University of Florida, College of Nursing where she teaches Creativity and Spirituality in Healthcare in the undergraduate and graduate college.

She is now doing research in creativity and spirituality at end of life with cancer patients. Her PhD theses at University of Florida was on the patient’s lived experience of art and healing. It was the first advanced degree in creativity and spirituality in the medical field.

She is an active member of the Spirituality and Healthcare Group at University of Florida where she researches creativity as a spiritual method.

She has written many articles on art and healing in nursing and medical journals and is a recognized leader in the field. She lectures and teaches workshops on art and healing worldwide and helps medical centers and artists set up art and healing process.

She works with Dr. Jean Watson of  Watson Caring Science Institute, teaching nurses how to use art and healing with human caring. She is co-author with Michael Samuels, M.D. of Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, Path of the Feather and Shaman Wisdom, Shaman Healing, and Caritas Path to Peace.

She lives in Gainesville, Florida and has three children.