… from the Foreword

Healing with the Arts transcends the usual approach to healing and to art. It is a culmination of the authors’ life works and personal practices. Michael and Mary search for the source of spirit, using their creative existence to come closer to the sacred. These practices transcend “sense” and mainstream mind-sets. The authors use self as instruments for the artist’s way. We become sojourners on their path into deeper healing and awakening of the soul. They embrace the freedom and emancipation of the human spirit, uninhibited on the journey to oneness.

Author of Human Caring Science & Founder of Watson Caring Science Institute

Our humanity is at a point in its evolution where it is extremely valuable for anyone and everyone to find a doorway into their inner selves, an inner knowingness, an inner truth… that can help us unlock the truths that block us from authentic freedom. This doorway into the heart of all of us can be opened in many ways and through the elegance, depth and insight of Mary and Michael’s writings, the reader is guided through a process that can help them unlock their most inner truth, the one that can ultimately set us free, free to be ourselves and to be fulfilled once again.

Health Care Director, HeartMath

Healing with the Arts lays out a program of transformation through the union of creative and healing forces. This inner alchemy is a pure spiritual practice that heals us as we come into alignment with the evolutionary creative force that birthed the cosmos and is living in us now. Renowned psychoanalyst, Otto Rank, observed that neurosis and disease were the result of blocked creativity. Mary and Michael’s book is a map toward a healthy life you love.

Artists, co-founders of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors; co-authors of Net of Being

Healing with the Arts is an exceptional guide to the power of art in deep intentional healing. Michael Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane are leaders in the field. I recommend their book strongly.

Co-Founder and President of Commonweal, Co-Founder and President Emeritus of Smith Center for Healing and the Arts in Washington, D.C.

This twelve-week program uses art to heal; it is based on two simple premises: art is the most powerful healing force we know; and everyone of us has both an inner artist and an inner healer. Physician Michael Samuels and nurse Mary Rockwood Lane have shared their wisdom in several earlier books, and bring their depth and breadth of personal experience to this latest work. The book uses a simple format of themes, or lessons, and praxis, or goal-directed practices, each one containing guided imagery, healing stories, and a wealth of exemplars of how to put your own artist-healer to work. Read this book and discover for yourself the simple but profound truths it contains.

Emeritus Professor, University of Florida College of Medicine, Co-Founder, Arts in Medicine, Shands Hospital

In creating this new book, Healing with the Arts, Drs. Michael Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane, both visionary leaders in the field of the arts in medicine, have combined their considerable years of experience to bring their great depth of knowledge to a new audience. Healing with the Arts is a guidebook for everyone, not just artists, or patients in the healthcare setting. With their intuition and wisdom, the authors present a twelve-week experiential course that shows every reader how to use his or her own creativity to enhance and enrich their own life.

National Consultant, Society for the Arts in Healthcare Co-Facilitator, Vital Visionaries Founding Network Member, National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA)

Every day I bear witness to the creativity that lies within each and every person. When a book becomes available as a guide for anyone to do art and healing – everyone of us has the opportunity to develop our creative spirit. In UCSF’s Art for Recovery, patients tell us again and again how creative expression has changed their lives – translating one’s inner world into images that communicate to the outer world. Healing with the Arts by Michael Samuels, MD and Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD., R.N. FAAN– offers the possibility of transformation through one’s own self-process. As is written in the very last line of the book: You are the artist healer.”

Director, Art for Recovery, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center